7 Ways to Monetize Your Show Program or Playbill


1)  Sell full-page, half-page, and quarter-page advertisements in your program.   

This could include:

  • Restaurants and businesses nearby

  • Cast member’s family and friend’s businesses

  • Other theatre businesses locally

  • Non-profits that receive a discounted advertisement rate

2) Sell ‘Break a Leg’ ads

Sell ½ page or full-page ads with congratulation messages on them from cast member’s friends and family – a great way to get parents involved in their children’s shows!

3) Use 1 or 2 Big Sponsors to Fund

Work with 1 or 2 businesses who will sponsor the show and are listed throughout the program with advertisements or included on the title page.



4) Sell ‘Break a Leg' Instagram Posts

Instead of selling whole pages of advertisements, sell 140 characters for a short message of congratulations. These fit more to a page, so less formatting work for you! Sell at a lower rate than advertisements so more people get involved! Example: $2.00 a post

5) Sell Cast Member’s photos

Using the program to advertise the opportunity for families to purchase high-quality pictures of their cast member in full costume on the set! This involves a bit of preparation but is always a big hit! Include an order form in the program with pricing and picture sizes. Once you get the orders – then make the prints and send out!

6) Donate Wish List Page

One way to help out school, community, and non-profit theatres is to include a Donate Wish List Page in the program. List a couple of items along with a suggested donation price so that patrons can give to specific needs. Ex: We’re raising money for 32 new lights! Help us buy a Fresnel light for $180.00 each. We’ll name the light after you! 

7) Sell experiences & VIP tickets for the next show!

Create your own Groupon.com and LivingSocial.com deal without the middle man– offer “experience” packages at your theatre where patrons get to enjoy a VIP seat, a backstage tour, light snacks, and early seating. Advertise this opportunity in your program!