Theaterish was born as a  passion project to help theatre makers

Started in 2013, Theaterish has had over 120,000 downloads and counting.

The Person Behind the Curtain...

Official Bio

Founded by Jennifer Lutz in 2013, when she couldn't find a props list template for her upcoming show, she decided to create a site dedicated to professional resources for theatre-makers to stay on-track and organized -- so they could keep their Theater*ish together.

Since then, Theaterish has gone on to support thousands of productions, share resources, best practices, and support for theatre makers around the world. From educational productions to Fringe, and Off-Broadway, Theaterish is behind the scenes supporting strong shows to thrive from idea to opening.

This is just the beginning for Theaterish, we envision opportunities to partner on projects, produce more theatre production how-to tools, follow a live production process, and support thousands more amazing theatrical projects.

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