Theatre Template: Daily Rehearsal Schedule

The Daily Rehearsal Schedule keeps your team on-track and on-time with exactly what will be covered in rehearsal, where it will take place, and who is called at what time to be on stage.  

Keep your cast organized by providing a monthly, weekly, and daily rehearsal schedule. This Daily Rehearsal Schedule drills down into exactly who is called at what time so actors can maximize their rehearsal time. 

Production Phase: Production, Rehearsal

How to use: The Stage Manager provides a Daily Rehearsal Schedule to the cast after approval by the director. They need to review it on a daily basis to ensure no changes have been made and prepare to rehearse the scenes identified. 

Actors can refer to their specific call time in the section below the schedule so they know exactly what time they need to be ready and on stage.  

What must be included in any Daily Rehearsal Calendar:

  • What parts of the script will be rehearsed
  • The timing and schedule of the rehearsal itself
  • Who will be called to be onstage to rehearse
  • Call times of each actor or specific crew member to be ready and available to go on stage