Theatre Template: Production Meeting Agenda

The Production Meeting Agenda template keeps your production meetings on-track so every team member knows exactly what details to update on. 

Even if production teams are made up of only a few people, it's always a best practice to schedule a regular meeting to check in on all production elements, design, and front-of-house preparations for performances. 

If you're used to being a one-person or small production team, consider inviting any volunteers, interns, student crew members, or booster club leaders to attend a production meeting so you all can stay aligned on every production element together. 

Production Phase: Pre-Production, During Production

Step-by-Step Tutorial Video:

How to use: The Stage Manager or Producer will update the agenda items with whatever is most relevant to your next production meeting. Include exactly who is required or optional to attend and any action items you'll all be reviewing in this meeting.
Having an agenda keeps your production team accountable for projects and tasks they've agreed to do. The production meeting is a place for:
  • Status check of production elements
  • Brainstorm creative solutions for production problems
  • Get in front of production issues that may have a domino effect 

    The key to any production is to share it out at least a few days before the production meeting, ideally a week so each stakeholder (producer, director, designers) has a chance to prepare for the meeting and show their progress.