Theatre Template: The Cast List

The Cast List template is the first document your chosen actors interact with. It's important to keep the cast list clear, clean, and direct on the next steps. 

The spelling of actor's names matters, as does formatting. So keep it minimal, with simple font and pull the names exactly from the audition forms (if you have a digital audition form like we teach in the Pro Production Bundle, this will be super easy). 

Even if a cast is only made up of a few actors, it's always a best practice to post the list in a public location like your website and green room at the time and date you publicize it will be posted. Productions set a strong tone when they aren't on-time with the cast list, it is important the same standard you set with your actors (on-time, ready to work) is set by your production team and held up by your casting process. 

The final (and most critical!) piece of the cast list is to have actors go ahead and accept their roles. They should do so by completing an actor's agreement, confirming contact information, and receiving a rehearsal schedule. We recommend using a digital form so this can be done easily and logged instantaneously. 

Production Phase: Pre-Production

How to use: The Stage Manager or Director will draft up the final cast list and have the audition team review for accuracy (this is key!). Spelling of names is important, we recommend pulling directly from the audition form (and if you have a digital audition process like we teach in the Pro Production Bundle, it will be easy!).

Include a link or next steps for the actors to confirm that they accept their role. To really make it streamlined and professional the actor's agreement should include final contact information for the actor and the rehearsal schedule. This can all be done digitally!

Here are the keys to the perfect cast list:

  • Clean, simple, readable design
  • Formatting is consistent (don't get off count on your leader lines ............!)
  • Size matters - keep all character and actor's names the same font size; especially for ensemble-driven work
  • Next steps are clear - be sure to include a call to action for the actor to confirm their role

Large and small casts will change the formatting of a cast list, don't be afraid to use a second page if this is a printed document!





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