Theatre Template: Line Changes Template

The Line Changes Template is a simple way to track any line changes you make in the script.

Let's be real: line changes happen. Hopefully, if your work isn't under the public domain (think Shakespeare) you're contacting the publishing house to confirm any line changes to the script. 

Track those specific changes with the Line Changes Template (if you have a digital callboard like we teach in the Pro Production Bundle, your actors will be able to track line changes here). 

Production Phase: Production, Rehearsal

How to use: As line changes occur note the line change in the template and track exactly how the line will change - is it being cut altogether? A word omitted? Or changed in some way with a new word?

Note the exact location of the line and any other alterations it makes to the action on stage (perhaps it pushes up an entrance or exit?) 

Here are the elements for tracking line changes:

  • Line change location in the script - Page, act, scene, and line #
  • The character who is speaking the line
  • The change being made - cut, omit, or update
  • The original words
  • The updated word or actions





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