Theatre Template: Master Cue Sheet

The Master Cue Sheet is the one-stop-shop spreadsheet to log every single cue in your show. 

From sound, lighting, follow spots, set movements, and more - the Master Cue Sheet is how the document the Stage Manager tracks every single cue in the show. 

 Starting with presets, pre-show, and all the way through curtain close the Master Cue Sheet is how everyone on the production team gets aligned on cue orders. 

Production Phase: Production, Rehearsal and Performance

How to use: As the technical elements of the show are developing the Stage Manager begins tracking cues that initiate any changes on stage. This includes sound effects, lighting, set movement, follow spots, rail, and any transitions that involve a production element.

Once the show is set and the cues are confirmed through the technical process and rehearsal and the Stage Manager now has the guide for every single cue in the Master Cue Sheet. This is how they will call the show and ensure it stays on track. 

What must be included in any Master Cue Sheet:

  • Cue numbers! Every single cue is designated a number so when the stage manager calls that number during the show the production team know exactly what they should do. 
  • Page in the script - to reference when exactly the cue should take place
  • Cue type: Line or sight. This can be tricky - some cues are triggered with a character's line and some by sight, so the stage manager needs to know exactly what triggers the next cue. 
  • Description of the cue - what type of cue is it and what does it do? Is it a follow spot? A light wash? A sound effect? A curtain close? 
  • Types of cues include:
    • Sound
    • Light
    • Rail
    • Set
    • Spot
    • FX



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