Theatre Template: Props List

The Props List.... oh yes, the mother of all spreadsheets. The props list is the number one notorious theatre template around. 

Capturing your props all in one place is a feeling like no other. Tracking the movement of the props across stage, adding new props not outlined in the script, and coordinating show presets all come together in the props list template!

The Props List is THE place to capture everything props-related in rehearsal.  

Production Phase: Production, Rehearsal 

How to use: As the production is being developed the stage manager notes when a prop is mentioned in the script or when a director comes up with a prop to add to a scene. 

The SM tracks the movement of the prop throughout the script in the props list and decides where it should start so the actor can easily access it and where the prop should end once it'd done being used onstage. 

A Props List should always include:

  • Prop name and any description from the script to help the prop maker develop an accurate prop. 
  • Pre-set assignment - where will the prop start backstage so the actor has easy access?
  • Travel - denoting exactly how the prop travels on the stage
  • Post-Show - where does the prop end up so the SMs can prepare it for the next performance





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