Theatre Technical Toolkit
Theatre Technical Toolkit
Theatre Technical Toolkit

Theatre Technical Toolkit

Theatre Technical Toolkit

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The Theatre Tech Toolkit is here!

 🎭 Dive into the world of stagecraft with this one-stop-shop bundle packed with all the templates you need to bring your show to life!

No more scrambling and stress! With this template bundle, you'll breeze through scheduling snags, light up the stage with dazzling lighting plots, and set the scene flawlessly with detailed set designs.

Say goodbye to sound cue chaos, light plot limits, prop problems and costume calamities with our easy-to-use Sound Cue Sheet, Light Cue Sheets, Prop Presets and Costume Plot templates. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, the Theatre Tech Toolkit is your trusty sidekick for crafting unforgettable productions. So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and let the show begin – with our bundle by your side, the spotlight's on and focused beautifully! 🌟

Templates included:

Scenery Presets
Shift Plot
Scene Shop Inventory
Production Inventory
Rented Items Log
Borrowed Items Log
Show Purchase List
Costume Measurement Chart
Production Costume Descriptions
Preset Costume Pieces
Costume Change Plot
Costume Repair Sheet
Makeup Worksheet
Character Costumes One-Pager
Production Costume Inventory
Costume Show Purchase List
Lighting Inventory
Show Purchase List
Instrument Schedule
Follow Spot Cue
Lighting Cue Sheet
Props Inventory
Prop List
Prop Production Tracking
Prop Repair Sheet
Emergency Procedures Template
Sound Design Worksheet
Sound Cue Template
Pre-Recorded Track List
Sound Equipment Inventory
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